152 cm Tall Milf Sex Doll S4 Kate

Elevate your sensual fantasies with Real Sex Doll Kate from Irontechdoll. Kate is the epitome of flawless craftsmanship and genuine realism, having been meticulously crafted. Explore the curves and contours created to entice your senses and indulge in an unmatched sensory experience. Our Actual Sexual Beauty More than simply a friend, Kate is a work of art that provides solace, camaraderie, and a connection that cannot be found anywhere else. With Kate’s captivating presence at your side, explore a world of boundless possibilities and fulfill your wildest wishes.

Full Silicone Doll

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153 cm Tall

Cup Size : I

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Unveiling Authenticity: Misa’s Realistic Allure
Experience the pinnacle of realism with the Irontech Realistic Sex Doll Misa, a creation that blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Misa’s allure lies in her ability to embody both sexiness and charm with a level of authenticity that is unmatched. With meticulously crafted features and a form that mirrors reality, Misa becomes a partner in your journey of intimate exploration, inviting you to uncover the depths of pleasure.
Elevate your intimate experiences with the Irontech Realistic Sex Doll Misa, a pinnacle of lifelike realism and sensuality. Misa is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of authenticity, inviting you to explore a world where desire and reality seamlessly intertwine. With her stunningly realistic features and captivating charm, Misa becomes more than a sex doll; she becomes a companion that understands the art of pleasure and connection.

Some Intricate Details

Misa’s pure skin tantalizes your senses with its uncanny resemblance to human touch. Crafted from premium silicone, her skin texture elevates every interaction to a realm of unparalleled authenticity. As your hands explore her contours, you’ll experience an intimacy that blurs the boundary between imagination and reality. Misa’s responsiveness to your touch transforms each moment into a genuine and deeply sensual experience.


Material Silicone
Height 152cm
Skin Tone Natural
Eyes Color Blue Green
Full Bust 79cm
Under Bust 70cm
Waist 65cm
Hips 95cm
Weight 40kg
Arm Length 63cm
Shoulder Width 36cm
Calf Circum 30cm
Thigh Circum 57cm
Leg Length 72cm
Foot Length 22cm

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Add Pubic Hair

Pivoting Head

Add Freckles

Add Piercing

Softer Breast

Real Oral Structure

Extra Soft Vagina

Evo Skeleton

Extra Soft Body

Articulated Finger Joints

Standing Feet without Bolt

Gel Belly (Only for 158cm Pregnant Dolls

Optional Robotic Functions


Moaning Function

Vaginal Sucking

Oral Head Movement

Hip and Waist Twisting

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Additional Heads

Optional Robotic Functions


Moaning Function

Vaginal Sucking

Oral Head Movement

Hip and Waist Twisting

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