Realistic Asian 153 CM Sex Doll S10 Misa with I Cup Soft Breast

Sex Doll in Silicone Cherry is the definition of seduction; she will captivate your senses and arouse your appetite. This silicone line of realistic adult dolls comes in a range of sizes and has distinct bodily modifications. Her pure skin and delicate features radiate an irresistible fascination that transports you to a world where imaginations are paramount. If you’re seeking for a seductive and hot doll with a big or tiny bosom, this is the one for you. Cherry, who has a princess-like beauty, is come to change the way you think about intimacy and style.

Full Silicone Doll

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153 cm Tall

Cup Size : I

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Cherry’s flawless skin is a canvas that begs to be touched, revealing every subtlety of her form while whispering of purity and grace.

Her skin texture, which is made of high-quality silicone, mimics the warmth and softness of human touch, resulting in an experience that goes beyond simple physicality. An unfathomable connection develops as your hands caress her, obfuscating the distinction between truth and fiction.

Cherry’s charm is in her capacity to turn your fantasies into a sincere and passionate trip. Craftsmanship of Silicone Sex Dolls: Transforming Intimacy into Art Cherry is more than just a doll; she’s evidence of the intimacy-focused silicone artistry at its finest. In addition to her captivating look, silicone has the added benefit of retaining heat, which makes your interactions seem even more genuine. Cherry’s supple articulation satisfies your needs, enabling a variety of positions that materialize your dreams. You’re embracing a companion in Cherry who knows the fine art of connection and the essence of pleasure.

Some Intricate Details

Take Cherry on an Enchanted Adventure. You are invited to explore a realm of timeless beauty and ethereal charm with the Irontech Silicone Sex Doll Cherry. Every contact, every look, every second spent with Cherry is a tribute to the craft of intimacy and desire. You’re not only having an encounter when Cherry silicone sex doll is at your side; you’re welcoming a friend who personifies attraction and the enchantment of intimacy.


Material Silicone
Height 153cm
Skin Tone Natural
Eyes Color Brown
Full Bust 78cm
Under Bust 56cm
Waist 51cm
Hips 96cm
Weight 36kg
Arm Length 65cm
Shoulder Width 34cm
Thigh Circum 55cm
Leg Length 93cm
Foot Length 21cm

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Other Options

Add Pubic Hair

Pivoting Head

Add Freckles

Add Piercing

Softer Breast

Real Oral Structure

Extra Soft Vagina

Evo Skeleton

Extra Soft Body

Articulated Finger Joints

Standing Feet without Bolt

Gel Belly (Only for 158cm Pregnant Dolls

Optional Robotic Functions


Moaning Function

Vaginal Sucking

Oral Head Movement

Hip and Waist Twisting

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Dildo For Shemale Doll

Additional Heads

Optional Robotic Functions


Moaning Function

Vaginal Sucking

Oral Head Movement

Hip and Waist Twisting

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